Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 Review – My Results

I did the Tony Robbins 30-day program Personal power 2 three times in the last one and a half year. If you want to know more about the program, my experience, why I did it several times, what is so special about it, and more about other inspiring ideas and insights that I’ve got, then continue to read. If you are curious, here’s my Personal Power 2 review.

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1. About the Personal Power 2

This 30-day program includes 25 CDs. One disk per day, 5 days a week. Instead, during the weekend you can have some rest and listen 2 additional CDs with some subliminal messages (included in the program).

Not everyone believes in subliminal messages, but I decided to give it a try. I can’t say if they helped me or not, but the whole program truly helped me a lot. I’ve created important changes in my life. One of the most valuable effects for me was that I started to take action towards my goals. The program was a powerful tool that gave me the motivation to overcome some fears and doubts.

The program also includes a workbook. The workbook has a small summary of the audios and an assignment for each day. I have found it very useful but have chosen not to write anything directly in the workbook. I used my notebook instead, so then I was able to do this program several times. If you are interested, I am showing the workbook in the video.

The program is about 30-40 minutes long each day. If you plan to do the program, it is advised to allocate enough time for it. You should be ready to spend at least an hour per day on this because each step includes also an assignment.

Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 Review

2. What I learned and liked about the program?

It was a powerful and inspiring experience and I’ve got what I was looking for from the program. At the time, I was working on different goals, and I’ve achieved most of them. I made important decisions. I did some things that I was really scared of and some that I was delaying for a long time. I stopped waiting for the perfect time or circumstances.

Doing this program also helped me to change how I was feeling. Not all the CDs are about taking action and achieving goals. There was also a lot of valuable information and practical tools about changing your state. Depending on your state, you’ll make different decisions, take different actions and get different results.

The way Tony Robbins helps you to change your state while you listen to his voice is one of the main benefits of the program. If you are committed to action, you’ll definitely get the result. For example, I had some days when I was not in the mood or tired and didn’t want to do anything. However, I already knew that I just needed to switch on the program of the day, start listening to it, and my state will change. Every time I was getting my inspiration and motivation to take action.

After the program, I started having a different approach, and I would like to share what I’ve learned:

Tony Robbins is saying that two main things drive humans’ behaviour: avoiding pain or gaining pleasure. At first, it can sound simple, but if you analyse any situation when you decide to do or not something, you’ll see that it’s almost always true.
The trick is to know how to effectively use this understanding to motivate yourself. So you’ll not be the victim of your desires or fears. You’ll take control of them in a way that you’ll move in the direction where you want to go.

What usually stops us is the conflict between these desires and fears. It’s easier to understand with an example of someone who has a goal to lose weight. This person wants to gain pleasure, which could be enjoying the way you look or feel after losing weight, having more energy, being healthier, or something else. And you want to avoid some pain, something that you are not happy about now in the way you look or feel.

The problem starts when you see that you are not doing what you want. In this example, you are not doing diet or exercise, even if you know that you want to lose weight. You also know why you want to do it… You can see the conflict there. You are not taking action because you are avoiding different pain and gaining a different pleasure. For example, the pain of doing exercises, sacrificing some delicious food, and changing some habits. While you are gaining the pleasure of being more free, eating what you want and doing other things instead of going to the gym.
For each person, it will be different. Someone will do the diet and exercise every day. Because for them the pleasure of what will they get after losing weight is stronger than the short term pleasure of eating some chocolate or other food. For someone, it is the opposite, and the same with pain.

But the good news is that you can change those habits. Tony Robbins explains how to control this pain and pleasure motivation and how you can create the necessary anchors for yourself. You’ll choose what results you want to get, and then you’ll find the right motivation.

I have another post where I share one of the motivation exercises from this program. I like that a lot. It’s exactly about anchoring pain and pleasure. You can check it here: How to find motivation and start taking action. I’m doing this exercise every now and then because it really helps me change my state and take action.

Another thing that I would like to mention is how Tony Robbins explains the topic of values. Many people already heard about them, and in transformational coaching, we also work with values. However, Tony gives another way to look at this topic. He explains not only the positive values like success, love, freedom, security, and many others. He calls them “moving towards” values. These are things that are important for us, something that we want to have or to feel. He also explains the other side of this topic: “moving away from” values. Those are all the negative things or states that we are avoiding like depression, boredom, fear, anger, embarrassment, and others. He gives a big list of both types of values, so you’ll have enough examples to find yours.

This idea of positive and negative values can help to understand better why we are making certain decisions. For example, you can say that freedom is your value, but for some reason, you don’t take action to become more free. Why? Maybe you are avoiding some of your negative values like fear or something else. The “Personal Power 2” program will help you become more aware about those conflicts of values and you also get some tools to change them and start moving towards your goals.

There are many other topics and exercises in this program: 2 CDs about finances, another one about relationships, another about health and energy, a lot of tips on how to change and manage your state by using physiology and psychology, NLP tools. Those are all very helpful tools to start changing your habits and thinking patterns.

3. My results after doing Personal Power 2 three times.

  • After completing the program for the first time: I finally made a decision to start taking action towards something important for me. I decided to become a Transformational coach and, in a few months, I enrolled a professional course of Transformational Life Coaching. If you want to know why this decision was difficult for me and how I had to change one of my limiting beliefs for this, you can read my post on how to change your limiting beliefs.
  • Then, I did the program for the second time more towards the end of the coaching course. I had some difficulties in that period. The program really helped me to overcome them. As a result, I did everything that needed to be done, to successfully finish the course and get my qualification.
  • Result after the third time: I finally started my YouTube channel. It was something that I have been thinking to do for a very long time. But something was always stopping me. The program helped me again to overcome some of my doubts and fears. I’ve found the motivation to start doing what I really wanted. It also helped me in some other areas, for example, to start exercising almost every day. And, of course, some other small goals and other things. For example, I was able to change some aspects about how I was feeling, how I was reacting in certain situations, how I was taking decisions. 

Personal Power 2 Review: My Rating

Is it worth to buy Tony Robbins Personal Power 2?

★★★★★ 5/5

To conclude my Tony Robbins Personal Power 2 review, I can say that it allowed me to achieve very important results for my life. I am really happy that I decided to try it. I think that buying this program was the right choice for me and a very good investment in my personal growth. I’m giving it a full 5 stars and I would warmly recommend the program to anyone motivated to start taking action!

You can buy Personal power 2 directly from Tony Robbins official website.

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