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Transformational Life Coaching

Transformational life coaching is a non-leading, non-judgmental, non-advisory approach. By using powerful questions, reflections and other coaching tools I can help you to create an inner change that you need and to start taking the right actions for your desired outcome.


My method and what some of my clients were able to achieve thanks to transformational life coaching.

“Lisa, thank you very much for the right questions!  😉 So much has cleared up in my head, really WOW!) It turns out that I already live in my bright future, and now I start to see it.  😄 I just need to follow my life purpose, my desires and needs. And the rest will follow.”

Julia N.

“Lisa was a kind and compassionate life coach. She posed questions which allowed me to find my own answers and helped me to look at various aspects of my life from work to relationships. Her approach was supportive and she kept me accountable in setting goals and working towards them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is hoping to make a change or feel better about their current situation.”

Karen M.

“Lisa, thank you for the life coaching.  You inspired me for big achievements 😁 After sessions with you, I became less lazy and started doing more in less time. I’ve got much more clarity after digging deeper into myself.”

Elena S.

“The skills and mindset I gained while working with Lisa helped me emotionally and spiritually in my life. We worked mainly on setting priorities in life and finding a balance between opportunities and desires. I was able to look at the problems that worried me from a completely different angle. I realized that despite any misfortune, stress and inner fears, I was able to cope with my emotions while not only carrying out my work but also control my life and change it for the better. The coaching with Lisa helped me to feel more confident and to look at my best qualities, which in turn brought clarity to all areas of my life.”

Ivan K.

“Our life coaching sessions were very insightful and helpful. Now I have time for self-reflection, and what even more important, the actual steps of what I can do to get better in the areas of my interests. I have achieved the goals of the first sessions, and confusing enough, didn’t even notice it, because I was concentrating on too many things, without a priority order. The good thing is that I was reminded of it while checking what are the goals and where are we right now on the scale of achieving them. So what I’m trying to do is to slow down, to notice all the small victories. Each of our sessions is an example of it. I enjoyed the conversation flow, the depth and the wittiness of the questions, the techniques you’re using, the reasoning, and keeping me on solving one problem at a time. Thank you for your help!”

Svetlana B.

“I am grateful for the insights I gained during the 6 life coaching sessions I had with Lisa. She is calm, a very good listener and challenged my thinking in a gentle and thoughtful way. I came to her with what I thought was fairly straightforward: developing a better morning and bedtime routine to preserve my physical, emotional and mental health during the pandemic. Working with Lisa however highlighted that some underlying recurring issues were still present and that these needed to be prioritised and dealt with to avoid a repetition of major problems I have had in the past. I am now working to address this challenge.”

Christelle K.

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If you are not sure of what you really want, or what your goal is, it’s not a problem, because we can find it together. If you feel stuck, unsatisfied or tired about problems or challenges you should know that it doesn’t have to be in this way.

No matter where you are now and what was in your past, change is always possible. And the very first step is always a decision coming from within. Decide that you want to change, that you are ready to have a different life and take action!

Lisa Proshina: Transformational Life Coach

I am Lisa, an Animas certified transformational life coach: ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited Diploma

During my work, I use the best tools that I learned in my training, my experience and during my self-development journey, which started more than 10 years ago.

My gift is empathy. Since my childhood, it was easy for me to understand other people’s feelings. Now, this helps me in coaching. It’s easier for my clients to open up because they feel understood and don’t feel judged.
My interests are psychology, self-development, meditation, wellbeing, health, and mindfulness. I am always learning something new and getting more experience in these topics.
My goal is to have more happiness, love, fulfilment, and abundance in my life and to contribute to the world by helping others to achieve this and their own goals.

I went through many challenges in my life and I’ve been in really dark places in the past, but I didn’t give up. I went through many difficult transformations to finally create a life that I enjoy. Now I am helping others in their transformational journeys.

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Lisa Transformational Life Coach

Can I have lifestyle coaching if I don’t know what I want?

Sometimes I work with clients who are not sure about what they want from coaching. But, if they came to me, it means that something is brewing inside them. Usually, we can get some ideas already in the free introductory session. Quite often, the desired outcome can change from one session to another. That is completely normal because sometimes it takes time to deal with immediate issues before we can move to a real inspiring goal. Transformational lifestyle coaching can help you to find what you really want.

How many sessions do I need?

Quite often, the real change happens after the 4th session. In some cases, it can happen a bit earlier and in some others a bit later. You may want to do six sessions to be sure that you get long-lasting results from your coaching. The more sessions you do, the better and more stable changes you will have. In any case, everyone is different, so it is up to you to choose what feels right.

How often should I have my coaching session?

According to my own and my clients’ experience, you can get the most benefits and quicker results by having life coaching sessions on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis.

Can I have life coaching if I have a mental health disorder?

If your disorder is not severe and you have a treatment for it, then yes. But you should check with your doctor first because life coaching will need your time, energy, and commitment to solve problems and create changes for achieving your goals. It also depends on what you expect to get from life coaching because it is not a treatment and can’t replace therapy. I worked with clients who had depression and OCD. We’ve got successful results by working towards their goals during life coaching. Meanwhile, they also had treatment for their mental health issues.

Transformational Life Coaching: Pricing & Packages

Choose the transformational life coaching service that is right for you. If you are a new client, please start with the 30 minutes FREE explorative chat, so we can discuss your challenge and decide on the best way forward for you. 

Explore: 30 min

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  • Check if I am the right coach for you
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£ 69 99 /hour, inc. VAT
  • Explore specific one-off topics
  • If we already worked together
  • If you need 1-2 additional sessions

Package: 6 Sessions

£ 299 99 inc. VAT
  • You are committed to change your life
  • Find & Achive your goals
  • Package of 6 sessions: 1 hour each

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How to get the Most from a Life coaching session?

Here are a few important suggestions before attending a life coaching session. Tap/hover on the tiles with your mouse to read more.

Chose a coach that you are comfortable working with.

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To get good results, you’ll have to be honest and open. That’s why it’s important to have a rapport and to trust your coach. Most of the coaches offer a free initial consultation or a chemistry session. By doing them, you have a better understanding of how you will feel during a conversation with a specific coach before you’ll make any investment.

Coaching is not chatting with a friend, it’s work.

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