Eckhart Tolle A New Earth Review – 5 Benefits I Experienced

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth book was the best book I have read in 2021. It had a big influence on me. That’s why I decided to share with you what I’ve learned from it. After I’ve implemented the teaching from Eckhart Tolle A New Earth in my everyday life, I’ve noticed 5 interesting changes. If you want to know what these changes are and what I have learned then continue reading my Eckhart Tolle A New Earth review.

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About Eckhart Tolle A New Earth Book

As Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher, you need to remember that you shouldn’t try too hard to understand the book with your rational mind. While you read A New Earth book, you can already experience some changes, happening to your state of mind and your feelings. Some important shifts may happen to you. You don’t need to try analyzing all the information from the book. Just be open to receiving the message and observe how it makes you feel.

Eckhart Tolle explains how to awaken a new state of consciousness. To receive his message your mind should be ready. So, I would say that this book is not for everyone. For example, I’ve read his other book The Power of Now about 10 years ago, and I didn’t get much of it. I can’t remember any changes in my state or my life. And the idea of just being present was considered by me as something boring. Now I think I was not ready and was too attached to all my thoughts. But now, 10 years later, it’s a completely different story for me.

I start noticing some changes already while listening to A New Earth book. I listened to an audio version of the book which was read by Eckhart Tolle. I think this contributed to me having better results. In this post, I will not tell much about the content of the book and what Eckhart Tolle is sharing there. I will just mention some of the topics:

– the power of now,
– the importance of being present
– living fully in the now
– stop overthinking
– connecting with your inner voice, not your programmed mind
– getting free of attachments and self-identifications
– understanding the ego and egoic mind

Information on all these topics and much more you will find in the book. And in this post, I’ll share my experience, real changes, and results that I’ve noticed after reading A New Earth and implementing the teaching in my everyday life.

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth Review. My 5 main results

I start noticing changes quite quickly. I was focusing on small things, that’s why I think I was able to see these changes. Everything was happening gradually, and now I continue practicing being present to see even better results. These are the main five benefits that I’ve noticed after reading Eckhart Tolle A New Earth book:

1. I enjoy the process more

Before reading A new earth, I was mostly doing things for the result. My focus was on the future, especially if I needed to do something I considered boring. While doing something, I often thought about how to finish it more quickly. I could be annoyed or irritated. The focus was on the future, on the result, so I didn’t enjoy the process of doing.

After reading the book, I start focusing more on the process and learning to be present. Interesting things start happing to me. Once I’ve noticed that I can enjoy something so simple and boring as brushing my teeth. I have many of these examples. There is one that I want to share:

I meditate for many years. Not too regularly, but quite often. I start meditating 7-8 years ago. While reading the book I suddenly realised that I meditated before only for the result. Once in the past, I’ve noticed that after meditation I felt much better. Ma state was different and as a result, I acted also differently. Some life situations also improved. My focus was on these changes and improvements, so the process of meditation was for me like some routine tasks to do. I wanted to finish it quickly and to get my results.

After I learned about the power of now and start practicing present, my relationship with meditation also has changed. I finally start focusing on the process, and now I can enjoy it. As a result, I meditate more. Now I am really present during meditation without thinking about what results I will get after. But, of course, the results are better now, and I feel great.

A new earth review

2. I worry less

When you focus on the present, on the reality, that is here and now, when you connect with your feelings and observe, you start overthinking and worrying less.

“What if? I still need to do this. How will I figure out this? How or when will I do this or that? I need to answer this e-mail. What will I write? How can I fit everything in my schedule?” – All these kinds of thoughts are worries. But you can worry only if you let your mind focus on the future. Your fears and worries can decrease a lot when you learn how to stay present.

I already knew that I tended to focus a lot on the future. My mind likes to do that. By noticing, that I am not just the mind and don’t have to believe everything my mind wants me to, I start worrying less. All ideas about the future are not real. They exist only in our imagination, in our mind. But real life is happing here and now. And I saw how focusing on this here and now made me worry less.

3. I make better and faster decisions

When I don’t spend much time worrying and believing every thought, that comes to my mind, when I focus more on the present and the reality here and now, I can feel what needs to be done now.

After reading A new earth book, I start asking myself a question: “From all the actions that I need to take and all the decisions that I need to make, what is really important here and now? And what can I do in this present moment?” When I calm down my thoughts and connect more with my feelings, the answer comes to me. The decision-making process becomes easier.

However, it is better to start small. I start practicing this approach on not too important decisions. So I can check how these ideas, that come to me from being present, influence my life. As for now, I see that it is working for me. And I gradually start using the same approach for bigger and more important things.

4. I do more things

Someone may think that by being present, focusing on feelings, thinking less, enjoying the moment, you’ll start doing fewer things. But it’s exactly the opposite, because by being present you stop wasting your energy on useless thoughts, worries, or regrets. Regrets are what you experience when you focus on the past. Some people can spend a lot of time thinking about the past, and others about the future. Some of us do both.

But the most effective way is to focus on the present. In this case, you don’t waste your time and energy on something that doesn’t even exist. Your past doesn’t exist here and now, and so does not your future. Instead of thinking about them, you can focus on something more real: on your present.

And what are you doing when you are truly here and now? You do what is real and important in your present life. It could be something simple like doing the dishes, cooking a meal, or talking with someone. Or maybe you really need to make some decision, because now it’s time for it and you need to move forward. The more you act from the present, the more things you do. And I see it more and more in my life.

I gave you an example about meditation before. When I start practicing being present, I start meditating more. Now I don’t waste my time by thinking about should I or not do the meditation. I trust my impulse. When I feel it, I just do it. It became so much easier for me.

Now I feel less of inner obstacles. I feel like actions are flowing, and I do more things. I became more effective and get better results from what I do.

5. I have better intuition

First, I started trusting my inner voice and the impulse, that comes from the present moment. Then I acted from this impulse and saw the results: I did more things; I enjoyed the process more and saw real changes in my life. As a result, I understood that trusting the impulse that comes to me while I am present helps me improve my life.

The decisions that come while me being present are not made by thinking a lot and relying only on a rational mind. They come when I am able not to think. I noticed that the results I am getting by making these decisions are much better for me. And I know that I couldn’t predict it if I relied only on logical thinking.

Intuition is like a connection with some different kind of wisdom. When you start feeling it and trusting it in some small or simple things, it increases. That’s what happened to me. I enjoy seeing how it really works. And for me, it is interesting to see what results I can get by trusting my intuition.

Benefits of A New Earth Book for a Transformational Coach

To be a good transformational coach, you need to master many different skills. Being present with your client during the session is one of them. When I was studying transformational coaching, we had a whole module about presence. Knowing all the models and frameworks is important in transformational coaching. However, if you think too much during the sessions instead of being really present with your client, you may miss something significant. 

You need to feel the right moment for the right question and the right moment for silence. And you need to hear everything that client says. Practicing being fully in the present moment can improve your active listening skills. And this improves the quality of a coaching session. 

Eckhart Tolle A New Earth book deepened my understanding of presence. If you are a life coach or help people differently, I really recommend reading the book.

By learning to be present and implementing other teachings from A new earth book, you can get some significant changes in different areas of your life. First, you will change your state and start feeling better. Then you’ll start making better decisions and do more things. You’ll become more effective. Your relationships with people will also improve.

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